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How to make a cloth face mask instructions - CDC Link. Our HOA Board and its' subcommittees are made up of resident volunteers who have joined out of a desire to help their neighbors, grow and protect our community by providing time or skills sets.

hoa email address

Our volunteers have a strong desire to grow and protect our community while keeping its' best interests in mind. Director positions also sit on the board and provide their input and votes during the quarterly meetings. Our HOA has retained a property management company to manage our day to day operational activities, resident concerns, and other community related needs.

Please call Etheridge Property Management at for immediate questions or needs. Who are our current board members? Terry Bergstrom - Secretary.

Walt Brown - Director. Joe Ward - Director. Sam Mcknight - Director. The HOA is always looking for new volunteers for board and committee positions so please inquire about how you can help your community by reaching out to one of the current board members above.

Who are our current Committee Members? Gate :. Chair: Annette Thompson. Chair: Geoff Fournier. Open Position. Association Manager: Cheryl Kelley ckelley epmfl. Master Road Plan pdf. Innerarity Island Homeowners Association. Owners Information. Architectural Control. HOA Payment. HOA Messenger App. Helpful Links.

How to Find the Homeowners Association Associated With Your Address

Property Mgmt. Easements pdf Download. Master Road Plans. Master Road Plan pdf Download.Depending on the size of the community, sending notices on behalf of an association client can be an expensive proposition.

hoa email address

The use of e-mail can simplify that task, make it more affordable, and allow you to deliver notices with much greater efficiency and speed. Under Florida Statute Consent by a homeowner should be explicit and should be documented, with that documentation retained as an official record of the association.

It must be recognized that not all information in the hands of the association is an official record. The association may have knowledge of a homeowners e-mail address, but that in itself does not make it an official record. Florida Statutes do not specifically address this situation, and one can conclude that such a use would not be prohibited. As an example, if a hurricane is threatening the area in which the community is located and the management company sends an email to inform homeowners about local resources and tips for preparing their home.

As such, it is reasonable to conclude that use of the email address would be not be prohibited, even where consent of the homeowner was not obtained. Association Use of Email Addresses. David M. Felice, Esq.Alabama Secretary of State. Alaska Corporation Commission. Arizona Corporation Commission. Arkansas Secretary of State.

California Secretary of State. Colorado Secretary of State. Connecticut Secretary of State. Delaware Division of Corporations. District of Columbia Office of the Secretary. Florida Department of State. Georgia Corporation Commission. Hawaii Business Registration Division. Idaho Secretary of State. Office of The Illinois Secretary of State.

Indiana Secretary of State. Iowa Secretary of State. Kansas Secretary of State. Kentucky Secretary of State. Louisiana Secretary of State.

Maine Secretary of State. Maryland Secretary of State. Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth. Michigan Secretary of State. Minnesota Secretary of State. Mississippi Secretary of State.

Missouri Secretary of State. Montana Secretary of State. Nebraska Secretary of State. Nevada's Business Portal. New Hampshire Secretary of State. New Mexico Secretary of State. New York Division of Corporations.

HOA Board E-mail: Know Your Legal Risks and Obligations

North Carolina Secretary of State. North Dakota Secretary of State. Ohio Secretary of State. Oklahoma Secretary of State. Oregon Secretary of State. Pennsylvania Department of State. Puerto Rico Corporations.Complete the short form below, and we will route your request to the correct person to assist you. To provide safeguards for Board and community members, we would like to suggest conducting meetings online for the immediate future.

We encourage you to follow closely the national, state and local government recommendations as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC.

All Rights Reserved — 1. As coronavirus COVID continues to spread, the thoughts of all of us at Sentry Management go out to anyone who has been infected or impacted. We hope all of the homeowners and boards we serve, your family and friends are safe and well. We are providing up-to-date information concerning precautions we are taking, and steps associations we manage can take, to keep it that way. Sentry Office Access Changes. Implementing Online Board Meetings.

Homeowners Message. Our highest priority is the safety of people—our employees and those we work with to deliver our services. We are all in this together. Contact Us Complete the short form below, and we will route your request to the correct person to assist you.

hoa email address

Charles --St. Contact by phone? Yes No. At Sentry, our highest priority is the safety of our employees and our communities. Connect With Us. Sentry Management, Inc.We stand with our communities. As we continue to serve our communities, call volumes remain very high. To avoid a delay in submitting your inquiry, please contact us via email or TownSq.

Meet your neighbors, manage your account, pay online and communicate with your community management team — any time on any device! Community Management Corporation provides the full spectrum of HOA, condo, and rental property management services throughout the Chantilly and Rockville areas. By serving a variety of communities from single-family homes and high rises to condos and townhomes, Community Management Corporation has built a solid track record in HOA management, property management services, realty management, and more.

With local expertise and leadership, Community Management Corporation is helping community associations achieve their vision.

To learn more, visit our office information sectionread our reviewsor visit the Living Better Blog. Read More. We help manage homeowner associations and communities of all sizes by doing everything from negotiating service contracts and communications to fee collections and financial reporting. We provide a vast array of community maintenance services and resources for homeowner associations and property managers to ensure your neighborhood is well maintained even in emergency situations.

We have the services, contacts, technology and know-how to guide you through the real estate sales, leasing and property management process. We have unsurpassed resources to help advance your career, from unparalleled professional development to the latest software and technology.

We share our insights and experience across our social channels. Below you can filter and see some of our latest posts. The definitive lifestyle resource for all things community-related, including industry news, educational resources and tips and trends for house and home, all designed to elevate your experience of community living. Visit Our Blog. Would you like to save this location for future visits?

Account Log In. This is my 3rd or 4th time receiving assistance from Mr. Wasserman at CMC.

HOA tows cars from in front of owners homes

I have found him to be a tremendous help! He is always reliable and provides prompt assistance with requested information. A true professional! Thank you. I emailed the community manager a few days ago because I do not have my payment coupons with me they are in my office at work and I am now telecommuting full time like everyone else. Jesse James replied promptly and he attached payment coupons for the next three months. This is a huge help to me, I was worried about this.

Now the problem is solved thanks to Mr. Larry personally reached out to me to assure me that the new account I wanted to use for my debit for my HOA monthly fee had been put in place per my request.It's OK to shoot off a quick email to your fellow board members from your personal email account, right?

Sure, there's no law against it. But it may not be a best practice. Here our experts offer three reasons not to use your personal email account for your volunteer HOA work. So Common. But Should It Be? If you're using a personal email account for your HOA communications, you're not alone.

We can count at least three ways. It's easier to find stuff. The main reason is to make sure you don't lose track of something. In my personal account, I get tons of people sending me advertising, and it'd be really easy to overlook something important with all that junk. It's a privacy and embarrassment issue for association directors. If you don't have an association website, go to Gmail or Yahoo and set up a free account.

It's definitely a recommended best practice in the management industry. If you treat something as a business by setting it up like a business, you'll operate more like a business. Join HOAleader.

hoa email address

About HOAleader. Free Whitepapers. Sponsored Links. Discussion Forum. Is this legal. Members Say Here's what our readers are saying Thanks for everything. It's as if you had a spy at our meetings and over hear our gripes :. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your very valuable information.

I am a new Board Secretary—your site is truly worth signing up for! Member Log-in.E-mail retention policies made the news this week, as Sarah Palin and her gubanatorial staff came under fire for allegedly using personal e-mail accounts for official state business. This week's tip is to make sure your entire HOA board understands how to handle e-mails that relate to homeowner association business. Answer: all of them. Or at least, all e-mails where you are communicating in your capacity as board members.

If you're talking about getting together to watch football on Sunday, you're probably safe deleting the e-mail, just like you delete those bad chain-email jokes from your cousin.

But if you mention any kind of board business, your e-mails are official association communications and must be preserved. Not only that, but those e-mails are discoverable in court, should a lawsuit come up. The legal issues pertaining to board e-mail don't end there, of course. For example, when does an e-mail conversation among board members become an official homeowners association board meeting?

Under what circumstances might you be operating under a false sense of security, thinking that attorney-client privelege makes your e-mail confidential when really it doesn't?

We covered all of these legal compliance issues, plus some best practices in a recently posted article. Read the article now. Subscribe to our free "Tip of the Week" e-mail to get more great tips. We will never share your e-mail address with anyone. Unsubscribe at any time. Join HOAleader. About HOAleader.

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Free Whitepapers. Sponsored Links. Discussion Forum. Is this legal. Members Say Here's what our readers are saying Thanks for everything. It's as if you had a spy at our meetings and over hear our gripes :. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your very valuable information. I am a new Board Secretary—your site is truly worth signing up for! Member Log-in.

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